…and the dear technology

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September 8, 2021 / Front axle right, axle ball joints failed / Iceland, on the south coast.
When changing the wheels – in an off-road vehicle you change the wheels at regular intervals – I noticed a lot of axle ball joints play on the right front.
Whether the worn out joint was caused by the many tracks in Iceland and whether the original material of our Jeep is not as good as the manufacturer claims, we would like to leave up in the air. However, the fact that we have often pointed out a cracking noise in the steering to different authorised workshops within the warranty period; these are facts, but we were always told that there were no problems at all with the front axle and that a certain amount of play was absolutely normal.

Back in Iceland: A little uneasy, we returned to Reykjavík and visited a Jeep authorised workshop (Ísband) there. Our Jeep was immediately examined and the diagnosis was clear: worn axle ball joint, top right!
The workshop also understood with our special situation and that we live in this vehicle.  They facilitated a repair the following day (9.9.21) and to our amazement, the necessary spare part was in stock.

In 5 hours the job was done, i.e. greasable ball joints were fitted on both sides and the worn front brake pads were also replaced. (…there was not enough time for the rear pads, although they are more worn! What a workshop!)

After transferring about sFr. 1’500.- for the diagnosis, work and material, we could continue our journey in Iceland.
But – oh horror – after a later vehicle check I discovered oil leaking from the front axles! One problem (axle ball joints) was solved, two new problems were created; little oil dripped from the axles on both sides. Presumably, the shaft seals inside the axle were damaged during the repair in Reykjavík when the shafts were pushed in.
(The design of the much-praised Dana axle probably still corresponds to the same type of the original Jeep, which simply had to work and was a throwaway product in the chaos of war anyway).

Since a return trip to Reykjavík was no longer possible, we had to regularly top up the oil in the front cardan housing and hope that the oil smears do not cause too many environmental problems.
Let’s hope that our workshop in Switzerland will do a better job with the follow-up repair.


14. August 2021 / weld seam on exhaust pipe torn / Iceland, track northeast of Laugafell
After a water crossing, there was suddenly a strange rattling under the right side of the vehicle. Only after a second thorough inspection of the underside of the vehicle did we notice the complete crack of the weld seam after the diesel particulate filter (DPF).

When, how and where we could weld this stainless steel pipe back together was rather a minor problem out in the sticks. Somehow we had to put the pipe parts back together to avoid further damage.

With “ResQ-Tape”, an old tin can and two pipe clamps we could eliminate the ” rattling”. The whole makeshift connection survived all further kilometres of the slope, so that we refrained from going to a welding shop for the time being. (…. presumably the corresponding explanations in Icelandic would also be correspondingly difficult to put everything back together as we wished! 😉 )