Our car – finally it’s getting to the point!

The trip to England, a collision with a deer, various smaller excursions and finally the off-road course made a lot clear: A lot still has to be adapted and changed here! Anyway, we had more work to do than we ever dreamed of.

Soon all material was ordered and, more or less without major problems, arrived with us in Reinach.

At our importer Off-Road-Accenssoires in Geneva we had a solar system installed, so that we will be more energy independent and can stand longer without the vehicle battery collapsing. We planned to do all further work on our own.

Almost too late we started with the work, picked up Flex, welded together again and built up various things. Chantal was soon annoyed by mosquito nets and other fabrics that could not be sewn together so easily and as desired. The existing interior also underwent various adjustments, which usually led to further reworking, as suddenly other furnishings were no longer in line with our wishes.

I would also like to mention that as a complete newcomer to camping, I also paid my apprenticeship fee. Even the wrong measurement of the cooler triggered a longer work, i.e. separate again and weld together again.

Other bought parts, which should have been intended and manufactured for our vehicle, did not fit correctly and also needed an adjustment, which was not always easy to accomplish, because my hobby workshop was not optimally equipped for heavy work.

Almost until the last minute I built our jeep. Only the transport to Hamburg (car train) finally set the limits where we handed over our camper to the shipping company for transport to Halifax.