All good things come in third….

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For the third time we will start our world trip – destination (yet) unknown.
But from the beginning:

Even before the definitive findings about Chantal’s injury we made a few short visits all over Switzerland, were allowed to experience such strange and curious things as a deserted Landtag site in the middle of Appenzell, or a “humane” campground in Landquart, where we were turned away from tourists.
Sometimes we really had the feeling that Switzerland ticks differently than the rest of the world and is completely immune against everything 😉

While Chantal then had to devote 6 weeks to her memory of her return trip and had to lie down a lot due to a broken vertebra, Thomas devoted himself fully to our “RuGe-li”.

There was a lot written on the wish list and for that some things were taken apart. Among other things we wanted to improve the suspension of the spare wheel so that the heavy weight no longer hangs directly on the back door and gave Tom a lot of locksmith work. The products we bought don’t always fit as promised in the advertising and finally everything had to be “dismantled” again! Except for expenses, nothing happened and we lost many Euros!
Also the internal inverter had to be strengthened, so that we can operate a mixer and a CB radio was also a topic for a long time….; “hello, RuGa2 answer!”.

Because of “Corona” it remained open for us for a long time how our journey will continue. Our plans for the future are still very uncertain and undergo adjustments almost every week.

Our next appointment is for sure on June 13th, when we had made arrangements with our son Francois and his girlfriend Selina. The planned meeting point in Latvia was moved to St. Gallen at short notice. We will spend a good week together exploring the area and hope that we won’t be sent home in quarantine again.

What will happen after that?
We will keep you informed.


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