” Boom “…

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…car doors in Iceland
Well, we had the peace and quiet in the highlands and far away from the heavily frequented tourist routes.

But now it was over with the loneliness and silence. If you stand on a campsite somewhere in the southwest of Iceland and follow the “Golden Circle”, you can be sure; door slamming is part of the experience in Iceland.

At five, six or as late as seven o’clock in the evening, they are certainly not yet so disturbing.  But well into the night, the “low budget campers” are arriving and the doors are not put in the lock very carefully. No, the doors or sliding doors of the Dacias, Kongoos and co. slam loudly until well into the night and the metallic cavity of the vehicle body adds to the noise, so that we fall out of bed almost every time!

Ah, you can sleep in in the morning. But far from it; at six o’clock in the morning it’s time to start again. The day has to be used, otherwise there won’t be enough time for the “nature experience Iceland”.

Or is it no longer possible without electric doors these days?
Long live door slamming!

>Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator