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…a few numbers
Km travelled:                                 8’675 Km
Fuel (diesel):                                 1’210 litres
Consumption Ø:                            13,95 L/100Km
Approximate cost fuel:                  290’400 ISK = approx. sFr. 2’032.-
Altitude difference (ascent):            100’207 m (…ditto descent)

Costs for food and other things
For food we had to spend about the same as in Switzerland, whereby alcoholic drinks, such as wine, were very expensive.
We rarely treated ourselves to a meal in any restaurant; the costs were simply too high for us; for fish & chips, including drinks, sFr. 60 was not enough, e.g. in Reykjavík!

For the few hotel nights we had to book due to the weather, we had to pay about the same as in a middle-class hotel in Switzerland.
At the campsites, prices varied greatly and are higher in the west than in the east; at the tourist highlights and large crowds of visitors, prices were sometimes almost outrageously high. Between sFr. 16.- (one of the best, incl. hot shower) to sFr. 32.- (a gravel site and hardly any service) there was really everything.

Museums or specialised exhibitions and certain adventure areas also require some extra change. For the Blue Lagoon, hot springs and adventure pool southwest of Reykjavík, you had to pay sFr. 48.50 for the simplest offer, or sFr. 7.- for the car park at the active volcano Fagradalsfjall.

It soon became clear to us that the tourism industry has to generate the main annual turnover in about three months. But sometimes we had a bad gut feeling and almost thought that the visitors were being shamelessly asked to pay.

But numbers or costs, the magnificent landscape and the countless adventures: all for free, just Iceland!



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