Napier Tent / Sportz SUV-Tent 84000

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During our first stay in the USA we discovered the Napier Sportz tent in the Mopar catalogue/jeep, where you can directly couple the vehicle to the tent.

With a few simple steps the vehicle can be uncoupled from the tent and an independent tour can be undertaken. The re-coupling requires an exact alignment of the vehicle, but with a little routine the car can be reconnected to the tent in a few minutes.
The tunnel which makes the connection vehicle-tent is not quite optimal for our jeep with the Gazell construction, however, even heavy rainfalls resisted the material and it did not penetrate too much humidity inside the tent.

During the self-isolation (Corona-Pandemic/Greece) this tent was used for the first time with us and we appreciated the tent from the first minute. The very limited space of our jeep and gazelles construction expanded suddenly. The stay became very pleasant by this space extension.

The cooking area, which is located at the rear door, could be used without any restrictions. The main tent with its approximately 3×3 meters also offers enough space for the stay in bad weather, has sufficient ventilation windows and two entrances (in addition to the vehicle tunnel).
The additional vestibule, which is attached to the side with a zipper, offers additional comfort during a longer stay and is almost like a winter garden on the tent.

The complete tent weighs approx. 22 kg and also requires the appropriate space for the storage location/storage space in the car.
The tent poles are made of steel tube, the roof poles are made of fibreglass and the connecting pieces are made of plastic(!).
Unfortunately the tent fabric is a light nylon fabric, which is very water-repellent and tight, but tends to tear under mechanical stress (cats on the campground!).
Since the tent is relatively large, it has correspondingly large sides. Due to this sensitivity to wind, it is necessary to search for a suitable place.

Personally, we can highly recommend this type of vehicle extension for longer stays; certain disadvantages must be accepted.
More information: Napier Sportz SUV-Tent 84000

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