Our car – first dreams

Already in my youth I dreamt of an all-terrain vehicle and driving in difficult terrain. At that time my favourite was clearly the Landrover 109, i.e. the large station wagon that was needed for all kinds of adventures and expeditions.

The history of the vehicle, but also the simple technology inspired me and I could not get enough documents. It was never enough for a real test drive, only a circumnavigation in the “Metalli-Landrover” around the workshop; it was only a 70, but I still felt like on a big trip through the desert.

During my military service I could additionally complete the MWD training (motor vehicle service) and the training in the field was really what I found the hottest. Unfortunately there were no Land Rovers and I had to resign myself to Pinzgauern. Every now and then I was allowed to drive the officers around in the jeep, the absolutely original and open SUV.

After military service I changed to “green camps”, where such unnecessary vehicles were totally frowned upon and a few years later I sold my car out of inner conviction. For the future terrain adventures I soon bought a mountain bike, big rides and adventures in all directions were in store.

But off-road vehicles were always in my interest. I was always interested in the technology used and the production stop of the original Landrover was almost the end of heavy off-road vehicles. Toyota and Jeep remained as real, with rigid front and rear axles and ladder frames. Other brands are no longer with us in Europe.

The trip to Canada brought me closer to the Jeep Wrangler. Although I could never drive this vehicle, I was convinced by the technology on the part of the drive, but also its remaining appearance. Not a showy vehicle, but rather modest in size and usable in every garage. Although the newly built jeeps also have a lot of frills inside than around the technology, the core vehicle has remained what it once was; a real off-roader.

In the same year I discovered a Gazell body on a Jeep Wrangler at an exhibitor at the caravan exhibition in Bern. Whou, that´s it!