Last year – 2019 – we said goodbye to our beloved “Jeepli”, which with its 255’000 kilometres was getting more and more worried and always condemned us to longer stays in some workshop or other. Therefore we bought an “almost new” Wrangler JK with year of construction 2018; this model was produced identically for almost 12 years.

At the beginning we were not really happy with the automatic transmission, but after more than 20’000 kilometres in southeastern Europe we found our way – more or less. In addition, the maintenance intervals for the new Jeep have been extended from 20,000 to 24,000 kilometres, which may make it a little easier to plan routes over remote regions.

What I have not noticed so far: The on-board computer determines the maintenance interval itself according to various criteria and requests the appropriate maintenance via display.

Before we left for Northern Europe, we had our jeep serviced accordingly in Switzerland, so that we could have driven back to Central Europe without any problems – as far as the distance was concerned.

But the computer meant it differently and directed us to the nearest workshop in the middle of the Scottish Highlands! With such a message there is still a “remaining distance” of 800 kilometres with full engine power. Afterwards the engine power is throttled down to a complete refusal to start the engine.

The maintenance in Glasgow caused problems even for the official Jeep dealer, because this vehicle is not very well represented in the UK and the spare parts have to be ordered in Italy.

I love these damn electronics!
And this is supposed to be a vehicle for independent adventure? Guys, take care of your older SUVs; they are easy to repair on the road and you don’t need a computer to reset the onboard electronics.

It’s a pity; we have become very friendly with the “RuGa”, but we are totally disappointed by these stupid electronic programs!