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…gravel roads on Fuerteventura
Since Morocco has been practically untravellable for individual tourists since 2 years, we looked for our desert experiences on the Canary archipelago to the west. And, on Fuerteventura we were more than surprised. Compared to the other Canary Islands, Fuerteventura has a somewhat different image due to its long volcanic history, and the landscape is often reminiscent of areas bordering or lying in the Sahara. In addition to Spanish traffic laws, there are also the tourist considerations, so that not everything was immediately banned. Thus, whole groups of tourists are guided with their ATVs and quads on approved trails through nature parks or areas worthy of protection. These routes are of course also open to individual travellers with their vehicles. Outside the regional and nature parks, which actually applies to the whole of Spain, all passable paths may be used where this is not expressly forbidden or the landowner does not permit it. In national parks, on the other hand, the restrictions are very restrictive and monitored accordingly. Read More