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…and the dear technology

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8. September 2023 / 162’161Km
ABS malfunction
Shortly before reaching Yellowstone National Park, the ABS malfunction occurred for the first time. However, it disappeared automatically after a short distance. After that, the fault occurred more and more frequently at regular intervals, but disappeared again after a short distance. We were never able to read out the fault data in a targeted manner, as the fault disappeared immediately when the diagnostic device was connected.

On the date mentioned above, we had the first opportunity to read out the current fault and diagnose the fault codes from the left rear wheel (C1020 + C1027). Unfortunately, the codes didn’t tell me (Tom) much, but I suspected some kind of faulty contact in the supply line.

I didn’t find a bad connection, but I removed the ABS sensor on the left rear wheel and was a bit surprised about the grinding marks on the sensor, sensor wheel side. The sensor wheel also showed slight signs of wear on certain tooth flanks. The wheel bearing play on the rear wheel was in the normal range according to my assessment, i.e. no excessive bearing play.
When reassembling, I made sure that there was more clearance between the sensor wheel and the sensor.

Exactly 865Km there was no malfunction of the ABS and everything worked properly. Then, while reversing off-road, the ABS malfunction occurred again on the rear wheel.

Again I examined the left rear wheel and was surprised at the slight wheel bearing play. Was this the cause of the ABS malfunction, i.e. the wheel bearing play was touching the sensor? I guess we have to pay more attention to our wheel bearings and replace the bearing as soon as possible. 🙁


31. August 2023 / 160’368Km // Kamiah/Idaho
Starter battery failure
Since the last days the starter battery announced its end of life. In the morning, the engine could only be started with the help of the auxiliary battery or the on-board battery. Now it was finally over; even for the warm engine, the starter would no longer engage and do its job. The starter battery definitely had no more juice!

In Kamiah /ID we got a suitable battery at NAPA, as we know there are no spare parts for our diesel jeep in North America, and after successful installation in the car park, everything worked again as desired.

July 2023

July 22, 2023 / 152’757 Km // Reno, Nevada

Oil and universal joint change front axle
Our Jeep was due for several service jobs. For these we went to an official dealer. Unfortunately only the engine oil could be changed. For all other work like changing the oil in the differential gears and for reduction gears we should have booked an appointment in advance. The change of the engine oil was necessary, the other transmission fluids should, according to the maintenance book and normal driving, still do their job until the next inspection date. Read More

Central America; Part 3

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Introductory part on Central America; see Part 1

….Guatemala – Belize – south-eastern part Mexico

Crossing the border into Guatemala was easy in retrospect, but when you’re standing at the counter and the customs officer asks for copies again, you soon wonder where all those paper documents go. Chantal had once again taken precautions and was always able to pull the desired copy out of the goody bag. After a stern look at our car by the official, the barrier opened and we could finally continue our journey on the Panamericana. Read More

Central America; Part 2

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Introductory part on Central America; see Part 1

….Nicaragua – Honduras

The effort to cross the border coming from Costa Rica into Nicaragua was considerable and many illogical checks were made. Of course, some amount of money had to be laid out again and again for some paper. And also at this border; don’t skip a step or take the wrong approach, you would have to return to the starting position immediately. But, although we left the camp at the end, we were able to leave the border station before various early risers in our group and enter the Nicaraguan traffic hustle and bustle. Read More

Central America; Part 1

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….Panama – Costa Rica

With the exception of Panama and Costa Rica, all Central American countries were plunged into deep crises by domestic conflicts until recently. The consequences of these long-standing conflicts are still strongly felt today and can be seen everywhere. The countries suffered greatly from their own development and parallel societies formed almost everywhere. This was fertile ground for the formation of criminal organisations, and today these countries are fighting this almost insoluble problem. Personally, we also had the feeling that we were once again driving through developing countries: Next to mansions were entire village or city districts that looked more like slums than developed housing.
And, dirt and rubbish everywhere; whole mountains of rubbish lay along the roadsides, disfiguring their wonderful landscape. It is a pity that the people concerned do not react a little more sensitively to this and blame the state for it, but at the same time dump their rubbish over the roadside. Whether it comes with education or from the people themselves; where people are educated, it was usually much cleaner than in areas where mainly the indigenous population is at home. Costa Rica abolished the army in 1949 and used the money freed up for education and health; the fruits of this decision can truly be seen and felt today.
Read More

Towards the harbour

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…..the last days in Chile

The flag of Argentina became smaller and smaller in the rearview mirror as we headed west from “Paso Cristo Redentor” over the gravel road towards the tarred strip further down. Yes, our days were numbered in the southern part of South America and the date for the car drop-off in the port of “San Antonio” was sent to us via WhatsApp a few hours ago. Read More

Northern Argentina

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…further in the waiting loop!

Our additional loop stretched from Bolivia further into the northern part of Argentina, with the hope that the impossible would still be possible. It is true that our travel organisation in faraway Germany was under heavy pressure, but as long as the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany did not reduce the travel warning, a further journey northwards through Peru is hardly possible – as far as the legal situation is concerned for an organised trip by a German company. Despite all these problems and inconsistencies, we would like to pay tribute to the person in charge of Panamericana and his team on site; they responded to almost all our wishes and suggestions and turned the almost impossible into an acceptable onward journey again. Read More