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Going to America…

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….back to the USA
It was wintry and there was already snow around Aesch; time for us to travel back to California. Our things were quickly packed and we were off to the airport early in the morning (4.30am!!), where we were to embark on a several-hour flight. Actually, everything went really well and we left the plane in Los Angeles with a great sense of adventure. But when we entered the USA, things came to a standstill! The immigration officer wouldn’t let us in and a short time later we were stuck in an immigration office for almost two hours. It was an uncertain time and we had all kinds of fears that we would not be able to re-enter the USA. The 6 months we had spent in the past year made the officials suspicious and the questioning on our part was correspondingly tedious. The immigration authorities couldn’t quite understand how we were financing our lives and were accordingly suspicious that we would be working somewhere and how in the USA. Read More

Package tourists

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 ….via Ecuador – Colombia to Panama

After many thousands of kilometres on the South American roads and trails, we had to part with our camper vans for a short time, pack a bag with the most necessary things and board the cramped plane in Santiago. Yes, the unbound freedom was over for the time being and we had to stick meticulously to the programme of our alternative. Read More