Month: December 2021

Corona exile…

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…or; down south, following the sun!

Towards the end of November, the Corona variant Omikron spilled over from southern Africa to Europe and the governments became increasingly nervous in view of the upcoming festive season at the end of December. Restrictions of varying severity were imposed and Austria went into lockdown for a week. There were no negative headlines from south-western Europe and, in addition to high vaccination coverage, the current case numbers were very low. Read More

…and the dear technology

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December 2021; A heater! 
After Iceland it was clear to both of us; we also need a heated home in colder temperatures. But our limited space doesn’t allow us too much luxury and we can’t leave any items at home. Everything has been perfected and optimised; we really only have the bare essentials with us. With our space constraints, we also had to think about fire safety and it soon became clear that the heating system could not be installed in the vehicle without sacrificing storage space. So we looked for possibilities to somehow mount the desired heater outside the vehicle. Read More