Month: July 2018


Yes, time we have – and no return ticket pushes us to any program steps or “check off” from touristic highlights. This was also the reason why we asked – simply so and without obligation – in North Sydney for a possible ferry crossing to Newfoundland. On the same day we could book a crossing to Channel-Port-aux-Basques/Newfoundland and prepared for a night exercise. Read More

The travel fever is rising!

Thanks to all of you…..

Surely I have mentioned it several times; our stress before departure. But something completely different should not go unmentioned. We, Chantal and I, were still invited to countless places and various farewell invitations followed one after the other.

Personally we enjoyed this very much, whether individually or together in any club, group, friends or family. These were always very touching moments and it was never too much for us. We are also deeply indebted to all our friends, colleagues and family members. Not only at the temporary end of our activities and being we were allowed to receive great cordiality, but over all the many years. They were connecting experiences and at some point we are back again and are already looking forward to this:

“Hello, we’re back!”

But it will be a moment before that happens. For now, we’re going to enjoy the world. 🙂

Our car – 2. part

What a coincidence, a short time later I found a used vehicle on the side of Gazelle and only built up on a manually operated jeep. Soon I was in contact with the salesman in the Savoy and the questions became more and more concrete. Our contact also included importing into Switzerland and how we could do this successfully. Soon I showed Chantal the first photos with the question whether she could imagine a journey with such a vehicle.







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