Month: November 2023

…and the dear technology

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22 November 2023 / Santa Paula (CA) / Km 173’472
General maintenance before storage / jammed brake caliper guide pins.
During the last maintenance work before storage (Storage Santa Paula), I noticed a jamming of the brake caliper guide pins on the front brakes. On the left, the upper pin was jammed and could only be released with great effort. On the right, the lower guide pin was jammed, but could still be easily removed with a tool.
After cleaning and lightly sanding with sandpaper, I was able to refit the newly lubricated bolts and the front callipers moved properly again. Read More

To the southern border of California….

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….with many detours
On our second departure from San Francisco, we wanted to follow the dream road “1” as far as Santa Barbara and only then turn inland again; after all, you don’t get here every day. The first few kilometres past the metropolis of San Francisco were already impressive, with the road winding its way through the cliffs along the Pacific Ocean. We had to stop again and again to look over the cliffs into the depths. Read More

Going to Yosemite

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…and back to San Francisco

We were glad to leave San Francisco behind us and headed straight for the Rocky Mountains. We didn’t particularly like the city life, nor the boring motorway journey through the Central Valley, until we finally climbed to the first heights. Our goal was to visit Yosemite National Park, which various organisations offer as a day trip from San Francisco. But we really weren’t in a hurry and enjoyed our independence. We had also arranged a meeting on the eastern side of Yosemite N.P. with travelling friends from the Panamericana Tour, who had brought a spare part from Germany for us and the handover had to take place somewhere. Read More