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At the end of October 2019, our Jeepli retired and with it we travelled thousands of kilometres on North American roads and experienced unforgettable moments.

We are still totally addicted to the Jeep virus; we built the Gazell camping kit on an “almost new” Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JK unlimited, year 2018.
The Rubicon is almost the same as our Jeepli, which was built in February 2007. Jeep built these off-road cars almost unchanged for 12 years. The Gazell body fitted exactly to the body and also the mounting parts could be reinstalled without any changes.
Compared to our Jeepli the Rubicon is of course a class of its own and has a few more levers and switches, so that we can dig even more through the swamp. In addition to a more powerful engine with even more torque, the axles have limited slip differentials and at the front it even has a decouplable axle for even more extreme conditions.
The only downer; our Rubicon has an automatic transmission and the great driving feeling of the Jeepli he will probably never be able to convey.

Calonder US-Car in Dietikon refined our Rubicon, turned our mobile home into a real adventure vehicle and everything is legal according to our Swiss law.

….our adventure continues! 😉



Our “dream house” is on an ordinary Jeep Wrangler Sport,
the body comes from Gazell.

In North America, the Gazell-kit can be found under the name American Safari JXL at Red River Rigs in Amarillo, Texas.




For fine milk, or an excellent dog; at Kaiser’s on the Wendelinfarm in Châpeau/Québec you will find both.

Our car was introduced to Switzerland by Off Road Accessories in Les Acacias/Genève, made various modifications and adaptations and could have the whole vehicle successfully checked during the motor vehicle inspection. Offroad-Accessoires is the partner of Gazell/France.

Ueli and Myrta from “underway” inspired us very much and were a great help with certain open questions. They travelled on similar paths about 2 years ahead of us and their site is still very worth reading.

In order to steer our vehicle along all possible paths, not to stand on the mountain like a donkey in case of breakdowns, we visited the expedition course of 4×4-Exploring in Lignières/NE, where we were intensively prepared for our adventure. A must for a 4×4 adventure in the wide world.

Shipping from our jeep to North America organized for us SeaBridge. SeaBridge offers many other services, including insurance brokerage for North America, technical equipment, etc.