Our “dream house” is on an ordinary Jeep Wrangler Sport, the body comes from Gazell.
In North America, the Gazell-kit can be found under the name American Safari JXL at Red River Rigs in Amarillo, Texas.

For fine milk, or an excellent dog; at Kaiser’s on the Wendelinfarm in Châpeau/Québec you will find both.

Our car was introduced to Switzerland by Off Road Accessories in Les Acacias/Genève, made various modifications and adaptations and could have the whole vehicle successfully checked during the motor vehicle inspection. Offroad-Accessoires is the partner of Gazell/France.

Ueli and Myrta from “underway” inspired us very much and were a great help with certain open questions. They travelled on similar paths about 2 years ahead of us and their site is still very worth reading.

In order to steer our vehicle along all possible paths, not to stand on the mountain like a donkey in case of breakdowns, we visited the expedition course of 4×4-Exploring in Lignières/NE, where we were intensively prepared for our adventure. A must for a 4×4 adventure in the wide world.

Shipping from our jeep to North America organized for us SeaBridge. SeaBridge offers many other services, including insurance brokerage for North America, technical equipment, etc.