Month: April 2024

Worst case

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Arizona and New Mexico; back in the USA
We were welcomed into the USA in damp conditions, but we felt a little safer after the paramilitaries on the other side of the border fence had given us directions; rain or no rain. From Organ Pipe Cactus N.M., we were accompanied by low-hanging clouds and lots of raindrops in a northerly direction. This time we followed the well-maintained state roads, as we wanted to visit a Jeep workshop in Tucson. My trusted car mechanic in the Allgäu (Allrad Pauli) recommended replacing the rear wheel bearings, as the many illuminated indicator lights signalled some kind of disaster. So, don’t take any chances! Read More

…and the dear technology

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18 April 2024 / Alamogordo (New Mexico)
Installation of reversing camera with dashcam
We ordered the camera from and had it sent to the KOA campsite in Alamogordo. This Brandmotion reversing camera is not available in retail outlets. Read More

Baja California Norte

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….our final spurt back to the USA
After the impressive drive out into the lagoon of Guerrero Negro and a relaxing night in the sand dunes of Soledad, we continued our journey northwards. Our idea was to reach the southern border of the USA in a week at the latest. But we wanted to, because things usually turn out differently than planned 😉 Read More

South turn…

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… Baja California Sur
We enjoyed La Paz to the full before heading further south. The agglomeration extended far into the nearby mountains. The houses became fewer and fewer, but the mountains of rubbish became bigger and bigger. Entire stretches of land were filled with rubbish or objects that had no further use were dumped in the countryside. It is a real shame that the local population disregard their wonderful landscape in this way. Read More