Month: May 2019

Go westwards!

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Right from the start; we had to postpone our planned onward journey again by one day. Heavy snowfalls and low temperatures were not the best animators for us.

Finally we could leave our spring quarters in Pembroke and head towards Whitehorse/Yukon, where we will meet friends from Switzerland on June 2. Since my aunt and uncle had to leave early this Sunday and left before us, saying goodbye after this long time was a bit easier and without a heartbreaking farewell. Read More

…take a break!

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(>Pictures at the bottom!)

After about 45’000 kilometres – yes, correctly read – where we ran some diesel through the engine to experience the vastness of America, we took our first longer break with relatives in Pembroke/Ontario.
No, we weren’t tired of travelling or anything else when we arrived, but the winter in Canada forced us to take this break. Read More