Group travel – yes or no!

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In retrospect, I say, once a group trip – never again a group trip! Not because of the participants; most were super people, others less so, but there were always ways to get out of their way.

But the whole trip was far too stressful for me: far too many appointments, kilometres and city visits – and I can’t stand stress at all.

The places to stay were often not ideal either (which is certainly not easy with such a large group), but more often we just stood in car parks – but there always had to be a restaurant nearby.

That’s why I’ve been longing for the last day……!


Actually, I really enjoyed these 7 months. They were all great people and we had a warm tour guides who gave everything for us. Yes, the programme was sometimes very “stressful” and I would have preferred to travel a little less far, but I could have enjoyed the landscape more. But we had relatively great freedom on the part of the tour guides and were always able to do our special experiences “on our own”; “that was really great!”

Then, of course, I also had the change of being able to put myself in the technical spotlight already on the trip down to Tierra del Fuego, which meant that my help was always in demand right up to the end of the trip. These were really great experiences, I would give everything for this group again and I would go around the world with them. 🙂

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