Tag: Jeep Rubicon in Mexico


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…towards the final destination in Tombstone (USA)!

On the way to “Tuxtepec” and the endless pineapple plantations, we reached the North American continent. The south-eastern provinces of this huge country geographically still belong to Central America (….and the experiences can be found in the part “Central America 3”). But for us it hardly made a difference – Mexico is and remains Mexico. We also wanted to avoid the hot and humid heat for once and climbed the first hairpin bends up the mountain to “Paso El Punto” and into the pleasant freshness of the mountains. Even in the lower-lying “Oaxaca de Juárez” it remained very fresh in the evening and finally we were able to experience a pleasant night again, where we didn’t toss and turn on the bed half the night, drenched in sweat. Read More